Streaming for the modern world

Cast is a modern streaming server built to accomodate the demands of modern radio streaming.

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Cast is built on modern technology such as Node.js. This makes is more easy to build and extend Cast compared to C and C++ other streaming servers are based on. While Cast fully supports new technologies like DASH and HLS we keep support for well known protocols such as the SHOUTcast v1's protocol for connecting your encoder.


Cast comes with some features out of the box that are on popular demand without the need of 3rd party software. Features such as geo-blocking, anti-stream rippers and rate limiting are buit into the core of Cast. Thanks to the sponsorship we have feedback and feature requests from thousends of people.


Cast is open source but also has a plugin system. This allows you to extend Cast directly without having to do any "dirty hacks". With a single JS file you can let Cast do what you like it to do such as hooking in to metadata updates or adding an extra API. Cast also supports the SHOUTcast v2 API and the Icecast 2.4 API (limited).

Open Source, for a better world

We love innovation and innovation can't exist without collaboration and freedom. Cast is fully open source under the AGPL license. This allows everybody to contribute to or discuss the future of Cast. Don't like where we're going, you'll always be able to fork Cast. We believe open source is the only way for modern technology to exist.